Lockdown Weight Gain and What to Do

Updated: Jan 19

With lockdown restrictions easing and gyms in Glasgow now open you may have the dreaded feeling of getting back out and about, especially if you have found that some of your favourite clothes no longer fit.

You are not alone as a study from King’s College London and Ipsos MORI found that out of the 2,254 people interviewed, 48% had put on weight during lockdown, and around 50% had said they were feeling more anxious or depressed than usual. Furthermore 29% said they drank more alcohol than usual.

From a fitness professional, these stats are saddening to see as we are in a nation of individuals who are drinking more, exercising less and working longer hours - all impacting negatively on our health and well-being.

A separate study conducted in the USA found that over 80% of people had put on 2 pounds each month of lockdown. If you do the math, that’s 12 months x 2 pounds, nearly 2 stone per person which is huge and this alone may be leaving individuals feeling more anxious and nervous about going back out with friends and working in offices again.

In light of this, RS Fitness Gym Glasgow’s, Head Coach has detailed his top 5 things you can do to help lose your lockdown weight gain.

  1. Track your food intake- it’s very simple but hugely important as you don’t really know how much your actually eating until you log everything down and see it in black and white. It's very easy to consume an additional hundred or even thousand calories through a coffee date or Saturday night takeaway.

  2. Exercise- to help lose the lockdown weight you will have to increase your exercise output. You will need to start doing a lot more than you have done during lockdown to lose the excess weight gain.

  3. Strength training is what I would recommend as the best form of training to help make maximum impact, the reason being getting stronger will in turn help you become leaner and more toned. Doing this type of training in improving your body’s muscular system, you will burn more calories when resting which will lead to burning more of those excess pounds gained during lockdown.

  4. Conditioning workouts are great for helping build up your cardiovascular system which will help build your cardio engine leading to improved stamina.

  5. Have fun in whatever you choose to do you as it is proven that you will be more consistent and consistency is key to long term success with your health.

We hope these tips help you get started but if you are looking to join an affordable personal training gym in Glasgow then RS Fitness has everything you need to start feeling good again. With 2,500 sq ft of training space and individual pods for each client, you don’t need to worry about sharing equipment or feel that anyone is in your personal space. Our small group personal training programmes in Glasgow city centre are unique, fun and provide you with accountability, consistency and a community of likeminded individuals that are striving for similar goals to you.

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