Limiting Factors when Trying to Get in Shape

Limiting Factors when Trying to Get in Shape

When trying to get fit, drop weight, get fit or loose fat you have to know your limiting factors or obstacles that will get in the way of your achieving your goals. To get results you have to know of potential weaknesses so you can build strategies to help combat the barriers or put in place strategies to help deal with them. Ideally, we want to remove the obstacles and create a clear path towards your goal.

There a many limiting factors (in fact- hundreds) that will stand in your way. Trusted source, Precision Nutrition as identified these as the main ones:


It’s unlikely the your genetic make up will stop you from improving your health, body composition or performance. However, your genetics may stop you from achieving elite human performance. Certain body types are suited to certain sports and certain exercises we can individually excel at.

Physical Activity Habits

This can become a barrier if you're completely sedentary and don’t do much movement. Essentially, this can become the main stumbling block when trying to improve health and performance. To get fitter and leaner requires you to lead an active lifestyle as well as stay committed to purposeful regular exercise. If you sit at a desk all day and then go home and sit on a couch its going to be very hard for you to improve if you don’t make changes to these habits. This type of lifestyle will lead to metabolic decline, fat gain, muscle loss and other lifestyle related diseases.

The number of people who take 5,000 steps or less per day are classed as sedentary and are at risk of early death, diseases and being overweight. People taking 10,000 steps plus per day and taking part in at least 5 hours of purposeful exercise is where the magic happens.

However, exercise alone is not enough in a study 2 groups took part in an experiment. Group 1 took part in an exercise program and Group 2 did nothing; the study found that in 16 weeks the exercise group on lost on average of 2 pounds more than the clients did nothing. This shows us that exercise and nutrition is the key.

At RS Fitness Gym Glasgow, we support you in finding the best ways to change your daily habits for the better. We provide training and nutritional support for anyone looking who is struggling to find their feet at their current gym or in living a nutritionally balanced life. With a state of the art Personal Training Gym in Glasgow City Centre, you will find an outstanding facility and community that helps you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Habits

When trying to tone up, lose weight or decrease body fat the bar is always poor nutrition. Poor nutritional habits will hold you back and push you back further away from your goals, whereas good nutrition can feed muscle, help burn fat and push you forward. Good food improves nearly every health marker. It improves recovery, mood, so this leads to clients exercising more regular and get even better results. Improving what we eat is what gets us the body or results we thought we could never have.

Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to improving weight, losing fat or toning up.

The best way to start is by assessing your current body composition which we provide here at RS Fitness Personal Training Gym Glasgow.
InBody Fat Assessment at RS Fitness Gym Glasgow

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