10 years of constant commitment.
Award winning service.

RS Fitness was founded for one simple reason – to create the most effective method of training, providing clients with clear objectives, accountability and measurable results.

As part of your fitness training, every client receives a unique programme carefully designed to get maximum results based around what your body will respond to. We believe in listening to our clients and place equal importance on training as well as nutritional coaching.

Whether you would like to transform you life and body, feel good for that special day or simply get yourself in better shape, then we are the perfect fit for you.




My goals have always been based around offering all my clients the very best personal training sessions - consistently. My career stemmed from my own personal struggle with weight gain at secondary school. At the age of 16 I was 16 stone with a low self esteem and zero motivation to achieve my goals.

The 2004 Athens Olympics inspired me and kick started my journey within the field of sport. Watching athletes my age winning gold medals and showing both hard work and passion for their sport changed my perception of health and fitness. At this time, I knew I had to change and decided to make weight loss my summer goal. I lost 6 stone in total and discovered a love for boxing, I continued competing competitively and boxed for Bellahouston ABC and Scotland too. I developed a shrewd love for the sport and after 8 years of continuous training I knew opening my own gym the ultimate goal.

My personal training business started in Ayrshire but soon expanded into Glasgow, leading me to my newest venture in Eagle Street. My goal is to be the best personal trainer in Scotland and to constantly innovate my gym, always keeping my clients and their fitness and nutritional goals at the forefront of all decision making.

Everything at RS Fitness Gym epitomises my goals and aspirations, right through from my branding to the wall balls I choose to purchase for our classes. It will always be a personal training gym as our service and support, will always be, personal. Totally tailored to our clients.

I have always been passionate about fitness and not just to look good but to feel good - day in day out. When embarking on my personal fitness journey, I realised that focusing on my health allowed me to sleep better, perform better and feel happier in myself and in my relationships. Speaking truthfully, I think telling this story is how many of our clients first signed up with me over 9 years ago and gained similar results themselves. 

My approach to health and fitness is to keep things simple; I want us to work smart so that we gain the maximum impact from your training session. I always work with the end goal in mind and I continually invest in my qualifications, education, training and equipment, allowing our clients to receive the best training plans available. 


RS Fitness is lead by Head Coach Ricky. Ricky's vision has always been to create an environment in which clients from all walks of life come together to motivate and inspire long term changes. The change exercise can bring is often overlooked, and Ricky has made it his mission to change this perception. A commitment to your health helps your fitness, your metal wellbeing, your relationship with yourself and others. RS Fitness is here to facilitate those changes - the changes that lead to a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life.